Facebook Reported Data leak for 29 Million Users. How safe our social profiles are?

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Following up on its worst ever security breach reported in the last week of September, Facebook today confirms that 29 millions user data has been compromised including their name and contact details. 15 million users out of these 29 millions has lost their name and contact details, specifically phone number or email address or the both depending on what they had with Facebook to attacker. The other 14 millions users suffered more as attackers have been able to access other details including username, gender, date of birth, religion, relationship status, current city, home town, work, education. For these users the attacker even stole the list of devices used to access the Facebook accounts and the last 10 places they were checked in(which were tagged with their status updates).


This was a follow-up on the last month’s press release where Facebook conceded security breach of 50 million user accounts, the case is now being investigated by FBI.

The incident comes in forefront when Facebook is already dealing with multiple federal agencies simultaneously investigating its role in the hard stretched Cambridge Analytica scandal. the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have joined the DOJ’s probe into the two companies.  Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal was first reported in early 2018 where it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, the company worked on US president Donald Trump’s election campaign had harvested data of millions of people without their consent.

It has been learnt Facebook started informing users individually about the compromise of their confidential data by messaging.


Though Facebook promised that they will cooperate with FBI and other federal agencies investigating its data leak incidents, a large question is looking over social media users i.e. How safe our social media profiles are?