Since Facebook has confirmed loss of account information of 29 Million users, there has been a panic among all social media users. A large question is looking over the web i.e how safe our social media accounts are where we share information with selected group of people which we would never want to go public.

A general curiosity also flowing over Facebook users i.e simply if I am an individual victim among those 29 Million unfortunates. Since Facebook has confirmed that it has been able to identify all victim accounts, now it is very possibly to know if you are one of those 29 Million victims. Facebook has already started informing each of the victims individually, here is how you can check yours –

Visit Facebook Security Incident page at  and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If your account security was not affected you will see below notice.

In case your account security was compromised you are a part of one of two user groups

The user who lost only their name, email and phone number. In that case you will see below notice

The users who lost lots of other information including gender, relationship status, work, education, current city and home town. In that case you will see below notice.

In its blog Facebook said that their investigation is still on and further information will be shared when discovered.