• 7 Apr 2019

    Understanding Security Risks for Your Mobile App Business

    Since the concept of IoT has been floated, along with growing marketing penetration of smart phones and high-speed mobile internet connections, mobile application development industry outperformed its growth forecast every YoY tenure.  From  2014, mobile commerce has outperformed its desktop counterpart for third consecutive year  to confirm the new trend.  During the year ending June

  • 27 Feb 2019

    How Increasing Usage of IoT Devices Chipping in to The Volume of DDoS Attacks

    Distributed denial of service attacks continue to be a major challenge against consistent performance of web assets of any business. The primary objective of a A DDoS attack is to engage maximum possible resources of an web server application hosting platform with overwhelming traffic or requests. However with the evolving threat landscape and deployment of

  • 8 Feb 2019

    5 Stats That Showcase The Evolution of DDOS Threat Landscape In 2018

    2018 DDOS attack statistic reveals a change of trend in DDOS attacks matrix i.e the total number of DDoS attack has decreased in the year for first time since DDOS attacks has taken shape as a cognizable risk on smooth operation of an web application. The latest quarterly DDoS attack report published by Kaspersky Lab

  • 24 May 2018

    Fake Fortnite Android Apps Installing Spywares And Cryptominers

    As soon as Epic Games announced their willingness to extend support for  mobile devices for their blockbuster game Fortnite®, fake android apps started popping up claiming to be original Fortnite game app. These apps are actually intended to mine and destroy information from users android devices and some to install micro crypto currency miner programs;

  • 21 Jan 2018

    Security Concerns in Near Field Communication You Must Be Aware About

    Though the technology has been place for over a decade the commercial implementation of contactless payment has seen a new dimension of growth since it Apple has introduced contactless payment in iPhone 6. Near Field Communications or NFC is a set of standards for portable devices invented by Sony and NXP Semiconductors in 2002 which

  • 12 Dec 2017

    6 Most Popular SQL Injection Techniques Web Developers Must Be Cautious About

    SQL Injection is the most commonly used technique of intrusion to an web application where malicious SQL statements are inserted into the database server of an web/cloud application to execute certain operations such as extracting data from the database, deleting the entire database or making it inaccessible for the application. Over time a number of