• 25 Apr 2019

    Website Is Now Just The Gateway; Intruders Now Want To Own Whole Infrastructure

    Hackers lurking around your website for possible vulnerabilities to be exploited not only want to gain an unauthorized entry to your website but to control your entire infrastructure further creating passage to make an entry to the system of third-party organizations associated with your business. The attacks on web applications are now turning to be

  • 27 Feb 2019

    How Increasing Usage of IoT Devices Chipping in to The Volume of DDoS Attacks

    Distributed denial of service attacks continue to be a major challenge against consistent performance of web assets of any business. The primary objective of a A DDoS attack is to engage maximum possible resources of an web server application hosting platform with overwhelming traffic or requests. However with the evolving threat landscape and deployment of

  • 14 Feb 2019

    All New Intelligent Botnets Extending Challenges For DDoS Prevention Mechanisms

    Throughout the last year security analysts all over the world discovered a number of new botnets which not only drive traffic to the target application server to engage bandwidth, but places the best possible request automatedly to the application itself so to engage maximum possible server resources with minimum number of terminals. The aim of

  • 8 Feb 2019

    5 Stats That Showcase The Evolution of DDOS Threat Landscape In 2018

    2018 DDOS attack statistic reveals a change of trend in DDOS attacks matrix i.e the total number of DDoS attack has decreased in the year for first time since DDOS attacks has taken shape as a cognizable risk on smooth operation of an web application. The latest quarterly DDoS attack report published by Kaspersky Lab

  • 10 Jan 2019

    A Recap to 2018’s Top 10 Data Breach Incidents

    The victims are still not out of the shock as 2018 has witnessed worst cyber attacks in history of mankind. Some big names an uncountable SMBs suffered billions of dollars in some of the biggest data breach incidents world has ever seen. The giants who must be very proud of their application & information security protocol including

  • 21 Nov 2018

    Contact Lenses Merchant VisionDirect Blindsided in Security Breach Incident

    Renowned European contact less merchant Vision Direct has been hit by a data security breach incident causing loss of personal and financial data of their customer during the first week of November. In a security breach notice posted on VisionDirect.co.uk the company confirmed that in a data theft incident between Nov 3 – Nov 8